Google My Business Listing – Monthly Monitoring and Management

$47.00 / month


It is very important that you have both (1) a website and (2) a GMB (Google My Business) listing for your business. You can create or claim your own listing, or else you can have us do that for you.

Once you have your GMB listing set up and visible, it is also important to monitor and manage your GMB listing on a continuing basis, doing these things and sometimes more:

  • Check for and respond to new Google Reviews
  • Check for and respond to new Google Questions and Answers
  • Guard against, and fix, any malicious changes made by your competitors (because they can do bad things such as telling Google that your business is closed or that your phone number has been changed.)
  • Post a recurring “Google Post” at once a week so that it remains visible on your listing (Google hides Google Posts seven days after they have been posted, so you have to post a new one or the same one after seven days have gone by)

The service we provide with this add-on is to perform the services described above on a recurring basis for one GMB listing.

Note: you should have one GMB listing for every location that your business operates. That is important because it increases the probability that searchers will be near one of your GMB listings, and proximity to the searcher is a significant factor in local search rankings.

This is a monthly fee for services provided and, due to Google’s constantly changing practices as well as to frequent software defects on Google’s part, we cannot guarantee success. However, so far we have never failed to get this done for our clients and we’ve been doing this for many years.

Additional information:

Note that you can do this yourself, if you have the time and technical know-how. However, if you don’t understand or want to do this yourself, you can have us do this for you via this add-on.



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